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Hello All!

We are delighted to be partnering with you! I started EZE Laundry three years ago as a sister company to my laundromat, Roxborough Laundromat. Roxborough Laundromat opened its doors five years ago and has been growing annually.  Over the years I have had several customers inquire if I would pick-up and deliver to their homes and offices.  So EZE Laundry was a natural advancement. My wife, Mary, owns EZE and I run it.  Together we are all about empowerment and partnership!

EZE Laundry is perfect for anyone who would rather not be doing laundry. Our simple commitment to you is:  superior quality, exceptional value, and unmatched reliability.  We’re convenient and very customer-focused. With us, it is truly about you. We don’t want to try to fit you into a box. We’ll do what you need us to do, we’ll adapt, we’ll make it work, and if necessary, we’ll even adjust our business model.

EZE Laundry is the solution for the busy Philadelphian. Between work, the kids’ soccer games, family time, volunteering and everything and anything else that comes up, your time is often not your own. When was the last time you sat down, and watched a TV show without doing or worrying about anything else? Using EZE Laundry will free up your day, allowing you to focus on the things that matter to you most!  Our Laundry Specialists process your laundry to your exact specifications on a schedule that meets your convenience.  You know what’s better than a fresh load of folded laundry? A fresh load of your folded laundry done by someone else.

We understand that even though you aren’t the one washing the clothes, you still care about how everything is cleaned. We take great care in following any special instructions or requests when it comes to your clothes. In the signup process, you can specify which detergents you would like used, what water temperatures you prefer, and even if you’d like things to be rolled instead of folded. There would be no point in having your laundry done if you weren’t more than 100% satisfied with the result!

Again, as I said before, we’re here for you. In the big things, in the little things, we want you to be happy. Laundry might be an onerous chore, but it’s an important part of life.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

Welcome to EZE Laundry. We’re glad you’re part of our fold!

– John

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