May 17

Time for a Good Book

Is there anything better than getting hooked on a good book? A story so satisfying that you can’t concentrate on anything else and it’s your all-consuming desire to read it over all other activities. Fiction. Nonfiction. Novels. Short stories. What about a mystery? A “who done it”. Murder. That spine... read more →
Mar 28

Textiles to Avoid

Do you make decisions partially based on feelings? Well, what about when you are purchasing clothes, linens, or other textiles for around your home? Did you know that the way something feels can often be quite indicative of the overall quality and durability of the item?  We take extra care... read more →
Mar 09

Who Needs a Break?

Who needs a break? Whether you’re a student or a parent, the answer was probably a resounding “ME!” Between the hustle and bustle of the school year, working a full-time job, planning out your future, juggling all your kids’ needs, and everything else on your plate, it sure can be... read more →
Feb 03

The New Way To Clean

As soon as it starts to get warm out, it’s ingrained in us to start cleaning. It seems like bunny themed candy shows up in the grocery store aisle and we pull out our mop buckets and every last item in our closets. Spring Cleaning is important, but there’s a... read more →
Jan 05

Bust a Move

Anyone who lives in the Northeast knows how cold it can get in the winter time. Not only is cold weather fairly unpleasant to exercise in, it can also be somewhat unsafe. The last thing you want to do is slip on the ice. Winter exercise is more than feasible,... read more →
Dec 01

Holiday Road!!

Where are you driving this holiday season? Whether you’re loading up the car to pickup your kids from college or driving to your sister’s house for Christmas, your road trip will go more smoothly depending on how much you plan. We consulted a few of our seasoned road trip veterans... read more →
Nov 03