Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service in Berwyn, PA

colonial home in berwyn, paHello Berwyn, Pennsylvania!

Have we met yet? We’re EZE Laundry and we are so excited to be here! Raise your hand if you’re tired of laundry taking up so much of your week? You can relate right? The never-ending, unpleasant, damp pile of laundry creeping out of that cute little laundry closet. The towels tossed beside the hamper, not in the hamper, by your sweet children. The school uniform covered in paint and jerseys stained by grass. The tangled mess of your guest room bed sheets that should have been on the bed three hours ago. We get it, it’s crazy. We also realize that most Americans find themselves spend the equivalent to 25% of the average 40-hour work week on laundry. You read that right, most people spend about 10 hours on laundry a week. And come every Monday, that cycle just repeats itself. 10 hours or 600 minutes. That’s a lot of time, isn’t it?

Home Laundry Pickup

EZE Laundry provides home laundry pickup in Berwyn, PA. Let us take care of the washing and folding while you do the things you don’t have the time for normally. Let’s think about what you could be doing. You could go for an early morning jog, have brunch with the neighbor, “fix” your kids’ science fair project, play with your cats. You could take your dog for an extra long walk, read a few of those magazines you’re subscribed to. Make a yogurt parfait, maybe make another one, this time with extra strawberries. You could go visit your boyfriend at work, go see the Liberty Bell, go tour downtown with friends. You might redecorate your living room, with a more “Colonial” vibe, or you could get rid of your washer and dryer and create the Pinterest perfect reading nook instead. You could do lots of incredible things, but even if you decide to just brew a nice glass of Kombucha and sit on your porch swing for a while, you’ll be doing something much more rewarding than laundry.

Do something that matters to you, we’ll take care of the laundry. It’s the EZE way of life. Sign up today for your first laundry pickup in Berwyn, PA

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