Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service in Wynnewood, PA

Hello Wynnewood!

We’re EZE Laundry and we are thrilled to be serving you and the greater Philadelphia area. We’re different than your average laundry service. We pickup and deliver. You can control everything from your desktop, and by everything, we mean quite literally everything. It’s your laundry, not ours, so we want you to have an extra say in how things are washed, dried, folded, and so on. Don’t forget about our 24-hour turnaround. That’s fast! Your loads of laundry quite literally disappear overnight.

The process is easy (get it?). Sign up on our website, and we’ll be at your door on the designated pickup time and day. Say a well deserved goodbye  to the days spent on the floor sorting socks and ironing dress shirts. Gone are the nights of you leaning over the drum of your machine, reaching for that one last sweatshirt, only to find your son left his favorite bug collection in the front pocket, ruining your favorite tablecloth.

Using EZE Laundry  is one more way to reduce the stress in your life. Not only are we great for busy parents, but for those that constantly entertain or have out of town company, the busy college student, the young professional whose time is not their own, the elderly couple who is tired of chores, or even the happy couch potato who want more time to watch the latest of the Eagles game.

We’re here for everyone, because everyone has laundry, and everyone has hobbies, goals, dreams, responsibilities, or quite frankly, better things to be doing than laundry. Laundry is mundane, repetitive, and plain old boring. Do something exciting, thrilling, new and captivating with your life! Take that ballet class, write that opinion piece, bake that pie, climb that mountain, walk your dog, get that facial, whatever it is, do it! Life is short and laundry is long. You’ll always have laundry, but you won’t always have today.

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